Case Study

Paperless Programme In Large UK Bank





Financial Services

Paperless Office

A game changing platform driving enterprise-wide digital transformation through end-to-end management of enterprise content. This enterprise content management platform is designed to be installed within any organization’s IT estate, ensuring their control and ownership and security of their data. It offers advanced innovative features to manage business processes, documents and workflows, enabling interactive sharing, transferring and completing of documents and forms electronically.

Paperless Programme Structure

Prior to kicking off the programme it was innovatively structured and organised by Leke Babalola, using some practical techniques developed during his time on the Cranfield EMBA programme he removed all unrequired bureaucracy and instigated an Agile delivery programme approach.

Paperless Option For All Forms

A key strain on resources is the unnecessary use of paper and PDF forms both internally and externally. A crucial aspect of the programme involved trawling the organization for all forms and digitizing each of those forms in a matter of minutes using the SignTech Forms Conversation platform. This instantly reduced cost, complexity and sped up the end to end process of created integrated paperless forms as well as providing an improved user experience both for internal staff and banking customers alike.

... I was very impressed with your technical solutions to reduce paper which, especially for large companies, is extremely important.

Ana Botin -- Executive Chairman, Santander

Tangible Cost Savings

The financial results were described as ‘impressive’ by the Business Case Manager. The programme had a PBP of 9 months from initial investment (hence paying back before the end of year 1 – achieving a £4.15Million net benefit before the end of the programme implementation). Annualised benefits of £25Million are now being realized.

Switch To Quarterly Statements

The Paper-Free programme centred around making it easy for customers to opt for the Paperless statements and communications options or switch from monthly statements to quarterly statements. A number of initiatives were launched (such as intelligent interstitials and options for opting to paperless), which resulted in a 95.5% uptake, equating to an instant real/tangible cost saving of £2.1Million per month wiped off paper related operational costs.